Real Men are Pro-Life

I don’t take any pro-choice man seriously.

In fact, pro-choice men make my skin crawl.

They sicken me.

A man who is willing to have sex with a woman but not take responsibility for his actions is no man at all. Think about it. A guy gets a woman to sleep with him. He gets her pregnant and instead of being a man about it he convinces her to get an abortion. A procedure that destroys his child and creates massive damage to the mother. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. As long has he gets his rocks off he doesn’t care that his partner will forever be scarred by the abortion.

If a man is willing to have sex with a woman he should at least have the decency to discourage them from having an abortion and seriously damaging herself.

Now, a man can’t physically stop a woman from killing his unborn child, but he can certainly create an environment where she sees having the baby as real option. He can pay for everything, take her to the appointments and if she doesn’t want the baby he can step up and be a single Dad.

It’s your duty.

Remember, if you get a woman pregnant and encourage her to abort the baby, you’ve literally killed a baby so you could have sex.

Real men don’t kill babies for sexual pleasure.

They also don’t hide behind a “a woman’s right to choose.” Men don’t get to “choose” to kill someone, and neither do women. No one does. And just because you pretend that all the pro-abortion rhetoric is true doesn’t mean it is.

It isn’t.

If you’re man enough to have sex, you’re man enough to take care of the baby that you make.

Be a man. Be pro-life.


Dangerous Men

All men are dangerous.

Every last one of them. Your Father, Brother, Husband, and Son are all dangerous. The stockboy at the the grocery store is dangerous.

I’m dangerous.

I know this is going to upset a lot of people. It upset me the first time I heard it. People will think I’ve converted to feminism. I haven’t. Just hear me out.

There’s been a lot in the media lately about violence against women and sexual assault. There’s been Ray Rice, Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby, and that weird video game thing where game reviewers are getting death threats. Feminists were crying “toxic masculinity ” and I was getting angry. I felt like I was being lumped into the same category as the women beaters and rapists just because we had the same chromosomes . I wanted to yell and scream that it wasn’t because they were men that they were doing these things. It’s because they’re not good, moral people. While that’s true, they aren’t good people with morals, I was wrong. It is because they are men.

I’ll say it again,

I was wrong. The men who are raping and beating are doing it because they are men.

There were two events that brought me to this realization. One was Gavin McInnes’ great article for Taki’s Magazine “In Defense of Evil. ” McInnes writes about the need for men to engage in their darker instincts for the world to work. “Vices, like greed and revenge, drive men to success.” He’s absolutely right. It’s a man’s desire to make his way in the world and cut out a portion just for himself that drives the world. So why aren’t all men beating and killing and raping? Even though they’re driven by these impulses? I’ll come back to that in a bit.

The second thing that happened was a Mötley Crüe concert. I was there with my fiancee and she was really sketched out by the crowd. They were a pretty rough crowd. Lots of older men and terrible life choices. I wasn’t scared at all but she was worried. I asked her what was up and she said she was scared of all these men.

I was shocked, hurt and upset. I couldn’t go into a place and say I was scared of all these women. I couldn’t blame my troubles on the fact that they were women. That’s not equality! Does she think I’m like that because I’m a man? How could she think I would defend her against these men if it came to that?

As I looked around, I realized that I wasn’t scared of any of these men because I was confident in my ability to defend myself. And that I wasn’t a target. No one has ever looked at me and thought, “Yes, that’s the guy I want to fight.”

But, as a woman, my fiancee is the target of drunk and rough men. Men I’ve had to put in there place on occasion.  She has to worry about men. After all, men commit about 75% of all violent crimes. Remember that thing, #YesAllWomen? How it turned into #NotAllMen? Well, I’m here to say, yes all men. Men do bad things. It’s a part of what being a man means. Sometimes we do these bad things in the right way for the right reasons. Sometimes we don’t.


Come back for the next post where we look at the dark impulses of men and why we aren’t all raping and pillaging.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Feminism

This is a pretty big moment for me.

One of my heroes, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has called out the people who were upset over Matt Taylor’s shirt. She told them to stop worrying about “Trivial Bullshit”. Check out the article in the Washington Examiner here.

She says that radical Islam is doing things to women that are actually terrible. And that feminism has gotten sidetracked away from making sure women have access to education and personal liberty.

It’s the same argument I made in my last blog post. Hirsi Ali, of course makes the argument much more eloquently. I’m just happy that I was on the same wavelength.

Silly Shirts and Sillier People

Can we be adults for just a minute?

Human scientists landed a spacecraft on a speeding comet. I’m no scientist, but apparently it’s like jumping off of one speeding bullet to land on another. It’s incredible. A scientist named Matt Taylor landed the Philae craft on the Comet Rosetta. It’s a major human accomplishment. As a species, we should be celebrating.

Except, Matt Taylor wore a his lucky and kitschy bowling shirt with cartoon women in various states of undress.

Suddenly, the feminist universe exploded and overshadowed this incredible scientific achievement.

Now, I could go over the ridiculous nature of this complaint. Talk about how feminists constantly complain about being judged for what they wear and here they are doing just that. But I want to focus on something a little different.

The supposed purpose of Feminism is to create equality between men and women. We can talk about that all day, but for now let’s say that we want that and it’s an achievable goal. In this case, let me give you a little insight on men, something that the feminists may not know:

Men don’t get offended over shirts. And if they do, they let it go. Real men are worrying about things far more important than someone’s poor taste in style.

Everyday I see people wearing offensive shirts. Whether it’s Che, the hammer and sickle or some stupid thing they saw Miley Cyrus wear.

And you know what?

Who cares?

There’s so many real and important things going on in real life that real people have to worry about that a shirt doesn’t even ping on the radar.

If feminists want equality with men and respect, they can’t be delicate enough that a shirt ruins their day. Men don’t get to be delicate. We have to deal with real issues.

I don’t believe in pointing problems out without bringing forward a solution, so here’s my solution for delicate feminists: focus on things that can actually hurt women.

Example: Female Genital Mutilation.

The UN estimates 140 Million girls have had their genitals mutilated. The practice is barbaric and horrific. They use rusty, dull blades to scrape away the parts of a woman’s genitals that feel sexual pleasure. It’s supposed to safeguard women against lustful thoughts and maintain their virginity. It’s happening more and more in the West too. I don’t need to go through the barbarism of this practice. We all know this is bad. [Update] If you’d like to learn more or donate to a group that works to save girls from being mutilated check out Plan Canada]

So I put this to the delicate feminists out there: If you want to be taken seriously, stop worrying about silly shirts and start worrying about things that actually matter.