Brian Jean and the Billion Dollar project that wasn’t

So I made my way down to Red Deer tonight for the Wildrose Leadership debate tonight. I had a good seat near the front.  There was no real knockout punch but Brian Jean certainly told some whoppers.

Brian Jean congratulated himself on his management of the federal government’s $1 billion “Green Infrastructure Fund” (GIF), delegated to him by his boss, the Minister of Transport.

Two things: why would you brag about spending government money?

Two, people who worked with him say he was lazy. 

Think about it. 

Government workers are calling Brian Jean lazy. 

 Apparently, Jean’s project approval process was so leisurely and lazy that in 2010 the PM and the Minister of Finance took away $170 million away from the GIF and Brian Jean’s boss and turned it over to‎ more engaged and proactive members of the Conservative Government in Ottawa. A further $45 million was also diverted away from the GIF. 

But then, word has it that Brian Jean’s international playboy mantra is “Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow?”

Can Wildrose afford a procrastinator in the leader’s chair? Should Albertans trust a playboy with their hard-earned tax dollars and their families’ future prospects and well-being? 

He’s running around screaming he’s Wildrose to anyone who will listen but he’s always acted like a PC. I keep saying it: Brian Jean is Danielle Smith in pants.

One last thing: did anyone else hear about a provincial Reform Party planning to run a well funded campaign in every riding? If it’s true, you heard it here first and the Wildrose should be scared.


Brian Jean IS a “Crazy Nutbar”

Is Brian Jean serious?

In yesterday’s Calgary Sun Brian Jean quickly tried to distance himself from his true social conservative roots.

He called everyone who is pro-life and believes that marriage is between a man and a woman “crazy and a nutbar.”

Well, apparently Brian Jean was a nutbar when he said this in parliament:

On the definition of Marriage:  “The word ‘marriage’ … describes a relationship between one man and one woman in a state-recognized contract. The institution of marriage was created for the purpose of procreation and for the nurturing of the children of the union…In my view, a stable home with a mother and father is and has always been – the foundation of our civilization and, although it may not always be attainable, I would argue that we should work toward this environment as it is best for our children. Our children are our future and must be protected.” [Hansard transcript, Dec. 7, 2006]

Or what about his Absolutely perfect voting record for the Campaign Life Coalition.

Just to give you an idea of how hardcore nutbar Brian Jean is, Campaign Life Coalition ranks him MORE CONSERVATIVE than Arch “Nutbar” Rob Anders!

 Let me say that again:

Brian Jean is MORE Socially Conservative than Rob Anders!! 

Campaign Life Coalition gives Brian Jean the green light and Rob Anders a mere yellow light. You can count on Brian Jean to vote for the social conservative issues EVERYTIME. 

So why did he practically scream NO! from the mountain tops when Rick Bell asked him if he was socially conservative?  Why did he call the core support of Wildrose nutbars and crazy? Why does he want to “sweep ” them all out of the party?

Is he a liar? Or is he betraying his beliefs for crass political opportunity?

Brian Jean has been one of those “crazies” and “nutbars” his whole life. He was born a baptist, went to a Christian liberal arts college and swore up and down that he was socially conservative during his stint in Ottawa. (Although his previous 5 or 6 wives and the alleged, secret-to-no-one harem he kept in his office of perky staffers looking to get …ahem… ahead might speak otherwise)

So now we come to yesterday and he’s bad mouthing socially conservative people… the backbone of Wildrose. Apparently there is no one he won’t flip on.

First he donates $10,000 to Jim Prentice to become leader and then wants to run against him as Wildrose.

He spends his whole life telling anyone in earshot how socially conservative he is (more than Rob Anders!) and now he’s calling them nutbars.  It’s almost too bad. I’d probably vote for the socially conservative Brian Jean.

Instead, we have  Brian “The Spatula” Jean because apparently there is nothing he won’t flip on: political parties, supporters, staffers, wives, personal religious faith…

Brian Jean: One Foot Across the Floor

You ever meet those people who just keep getting cheated on by their partners? It doesn’t matter who they date, it’s like they have a magnet for cheaters.

I’m beginning to think the Wildrose Party is like that.

Former Conservative MP Brian Jean threw his hat into the ring yesterday for the Wildrose leadership.  Great, Right? Except… there’s an $11,000 problem with that.

As you can see below, the City Centre Group donated $10,000 to Jim Prentice’s leadership campaign.

There it is in black and white. Page 12. Just a few down in the $10,000 range. City Centre Group. You know who owns City Centre Group? Brian Jean and his mother, Francis Jean. You probably know it as the famous Fort McMurray landmark:  City Centre Car Wash.

What’s really rich is that just yesterday Brian Jean was saying “I think the people of Alberta deserve better than what they’ve had for the last 44 years“.

Put your money where your mouth is Brian!

If they were really that bad, why did Brian Jean donate $10,000 to Jim Prentice? How many free PC memberships did he hand out with that money? And don’t forget  the time you and your mom donated $1,000 to Alison Redford  during the last election to help her defeat Wildrose.

$10,000 for Premier Prentice

And now Brian Jeans wants to lead Wildrose? Just what is his game here? You donate your money to the PCs and run for Wildrose? You’ve already got it figured out, don’t you? You donate to Prentice, get on his good side, win the Wildrose leadership, and then cross the floor into a cushy position… say Finance Minister?

Wildrose needs to elect someone who isn’t just a PC trying to get elected in a rural riding. They need someone who actually believes in the party and the province. We’ve had enough of these clowns.

I’m begging Wildrose not to pick Brian Jean. He’s already shown ZERO loyalty to the party. Don’t get cheated on again. Brian Jean’s already got one foot across the floor.

Seriously, even Danielle didn’t donate to Alison Redford.



Danielle Smith -The PC Pretender

Over this past weekend Danielle Smith had her caucus over to her house. Nothing strange about that. It’s the Christmas season and why wouldn’t work colleagues get together for some holiday fun?

This Christmas party was a little different. Mainly because the

point of the party wasn’t to celebrate the birth of Jesus or jolly old St. Nick.

Nope. This party was Smith’s attempt to beg the Wildrose MLAs to cross the floor to the PCs.

Wildrose insiders have seen a disturbing trend with Smith. She’s been having closed door meetings with PC and Alberta Party stalwarts like Stephen Carter in order to facilitate Smith becoming a PC. Her floor crossing plans are the worst kept secret in the Legislature.

Now, she’s finally come out and openly asked her caucus to cross with her. I guess if they all go together it won’t break her “no more floor crossing” promise.

Rob Anderson, the natural successor to Smith once she’s no longer leader couldn’t be happier. He’s wanted to go back to being a PC for a long time. He’s missed the perks of power.

The real surprise here is that Danielle Smith didn’t cross earlier.

Smith has always been PC. In fact she’s only been Wildrose for a little more than a sneeze in her political career. She was president of the federal PC party after Reform had come to prominence in Alberta. She already had aspirations of political power in university.

In 2008 she was waiting in the wings to run for the PCs provincially. In 2009 she finally left the party when it was crumbling under Stelmach. Less than a year later she was running for the Wildrose Leadership.

She’s never held Wildrose values. She’s always just wanted to hold onto some sort of power and she’s been terrible at it since the beginning of her career. She couldn’t run the school board she was elected to. Gordon Dirks had to come in and save it. She snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2012 provincial election and she’s driven Wildrose into the ground with whatever momentum they had for the next election.

I will say this about her. That kind of political failure is special. To take a party that was supposed to win the last election and the upcoming election and suicide it so completely, that takes talent.

So, Danielle Smith and  power hungry Wildrose MLAs will cross the floor around Christmas so the news is drowned out by the chorus of “O’ Holy Night”. She’ll probably be the Deputy Premier, or Prentice’s poodle as I will call her. And then, at Prentice’s earliest convenience he will slit their collective throats in the nominations.

Never suffer a traitor in your numbers. And that will be it for the Wildrose and the real conservatives in Alberta will take back the party that they began.

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Danielle Smith and the Wiltedrose

Here in frigid Alberta this weekend is the Wildrose AGM. For those who aren’t from Alberta, the Wildrose Party is a political party that is supposed to be conservative. I remember before I moved to Alberta one of the things that drew me here was the fact that the long reigning Progressive Conservative (oxymoron) wasn’t conservative enough so an even more conservative party was formed. I remember thinking that a place that replaces their conservative party when it isn’t conservative enough is a place I want to be!

Back then the Wildrose Alliance (named after the federal Canadian Alliance, a federal conservative political party) was actually conservative. They were pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-conscience rights, pro-business and oil and anti- human rights tribunals. It was hardcore. And people loved it. Why? Because these were the values instilled in them by the grassroots.

The grassroots wanted to be left alone by a small government who didn’t involve themselves in the private lives of Albertans.

And with these values, Wildrose was ready to take power away from the PCs and restore Alberta’s conservative values. The more conservative they got, the better their poll numbers were. They were ahead by 10 points at the height of of their conservatism. Beating the bloated, aimless PCs should have been easy.

Except they didn’t beat them.


Danielle Smith. The photogenic, well spoken, but socially liberal and tone deaf leader of the Wildrose Party.

For starters, she dropped the alliance part of the name  to the  Wildrose Party. She didn’t want any association with the equally hardcore Canadian Alliance, a party that had virtually swept Alberta in years past.

Smith is not a Wildroser. She is pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, believes the hype about global warming and does everything she can to be a Progressive Conservative. Heck, she was PC booster until she ran for the Wildrose leadership. Every time she came out with another progressive policy, her numbers slipped. Why? Because she was ignoring her core supporters! For the most cynical and base political reasons she shouldn’t have gone against the base of the party.

She led the Wildrose party astray. They’ve abandoned their truly conservative grassroots and it shows.  The party has no point, other than to win power. People see it. She lost every single by-election on October 28th after the PC Premier Alison Redford had to resign in disgrace for treating Albertan taxpayers like her own personal piggy bank. If you can’t win against Redford’s record you’re doing something wrong.

The day after the loss she came out and said she wanted a leadership review. I thought this was admirable. Give the party a chance to reconsider it’s direction after the loss.

Except a few days later she called it off. Gutless. This weekend at the AGM it seems the grassroots are giving her a leadership review anyway. Check out the Leadership Review Ballot at the top. We want a conservative party and we want a conservative to lead this party.

And as Danielle Smith rushes to make the Wildrose Party PC lite, she’s going to learn the hard way that if you don’t stick to conservative values you’re going to lose.

The new PC premier Jim Prentice recognizes this and is already outflanking the Wildrose Party on the right. He’s going to take the abandoned Wildrosers and give them a home. He’s put Gordon Dirks, a well known social conservative in as Minister of Education. As well, Premier Prentice is looking to strengthen property rights in the next throne speech. That takes Wildrose’s position. He’s appealing to Wildrosers. Come next election, Danielle Smith and Wildrose might find themselves relegated to the dustbin of failed political parties.

That is, unless we can put a real conservative at the helm of the Wildrose and reclaim our conservative principles.