Brian Jean and the Billion Dollar project that wasn’t

So I made my way down to Red Deer tonight for the Wildrose Leadership debate tonight. I had a good seat near the front.  There was no real knockout punch but Brian Jean certainly told some whoppers.

Brian Jean congratulated himself on his management of the federal government’s $1 billion “Green Infrastructure Fund” (GIF), delegated to him by his boss, the Minister of Transport.

Two things: why would you brag about spending government money?

Two, people who worked with him say he was lazy. 

Think about it. 

Government workers are calling Brian Jean lazy. 

 Apparently, Jean’s project approval process was so leisurely and lazy that in 2010 the PM and the Minister of Finance took away $170 million away from the GIF and Brian Jean’s boss and turned it over to‎ more engaged and proactive members of the Conservative Government in Ottawa. A further $45 million was also diverted away from the GIF. 

But then, word has it that Brian Jean’s international playboy mantra is “Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow?”

Can Wildrose afford a procrastinator in the leader’s chair? Should Albertans trust a playboy with their hard-earned tax dollars and their families’ future prospects and well-being? 

He’s running around screaming he’s Wildrose to anyone who will listen but he’s always acted like a PC. I keep saying it: Brian Jean is Danielle Smith in pants.

One last thing: did anyone else hear about a provincial Reform Party planning to run a well funded campaign in every riding? If it’s true, you heard it here first and the Wildrose should be scared.


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